Man Sees THUG BEATING & KICKING TODDLER, Then Just Seconds Later … BOOOOOM!!!! [VIDEO]

VIA| One man is being hailed a hero after saving a toddler from a brutal beating. 

According to KPTV-TV, Don Gilbert was in his room at the Sunnyside Motel in Vancouver, Washington, back in June of 2016 when he heard a child screaming around 9 p.m.

Without thinking, Gilbert grabbed a baseball bat. That’s when he saw 32-year-old Kyle Holder beating and kicking his 2-year-old daughter in the parking lot of the motel.

“I hit him once in the back. He had the baby by his feet,” Gilbert said. “He took her to the curb and just slammed her down, and that’s when I cracked him in the skull three or four times.”

The reason Holder was brutally attacking his daughter was disgusting.

“I did not want to kill her, but I had to. I had to hold my daughter and crush her head so she could go up to the sky,” Holder said.

“He was just babbling about God’s coming for everyone and he’s got to get the evil out of his daughter,” Gilbert continued.

The little girl was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Meanwhile, her father was at a local jail facing attempted first-degree murder charges.

And Gilbert will not face any charges, according to police. Holder, meanwhile, faced an attempted murder charge, according to KOIN-TV.

Check out the KPTV report below:
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