Hey Hillary STFU!!!

ELDER PATRIOT – Hillary Clinton’s whole political life has been about smoke and mirrors fueled only by the fact that she’s a woman.  Regardless of her supposedly feminist bona fides, Mrs. Clinton has built her […]

Is Paul Ryan the Spawn of the Devil?

ELDER PATRIOT – While the liberal mainstream media hold back no enmity for conservatives they have employed a “gloves off” policy when it came to Paul Ryan.  The omnibus bill that represents his first significant […]

A Jaundiced Look At The News December 16th

ELDER PATRIOT – While Americans were distracted by the debate last night Paul Ryan snuck a $1.6 trillion omnibus bill through Congress.  Ryan was quoted as saying “we’re not getting everything we wanted.”  Ain’t that […]

GOP Candidates: Ignorant or Anarchist?

ELDER PATRIOT – The establishment politicians can’t have it both ways.  They’re either ignorant on too many issues or they’re intent on creating more confusion and anarchy.  I don’t think they’re ignorant. Last night’s debate […]

Next Up: Gun Confiscation

ELDER PATRIOT – The final piece of the Ruling Elite’s power grab will be gun confiscation.  Expect 2016 to be the year President Obama makes his move with the full support of the Democrats in […]

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