Polish PM Has BRUTAL Message About Refugees: “RISE FROM YOUR KNEEWS & From Your Lethargy, OR YOU WILL BE…”

VIA| Finally, a sane voice coming from Europe. It may be a voice crying in the wilderness, but at least it’s a voice!

Poland’s Prime Minister Beata Szydlo addressed the country’s parliament on Wednesday and urged them, in a rousing speech, to defy the European Union’s demands that Poland take in even more Middle Eastern refugees than it already has. The prime minister may have ticked off some EU leaders but she got a standing ovation from her parliament members during her address.

Per BizPac ReviewSzydlo slammed weak-willed EU leaders for allowing the slow death of European culture and its people by taking in millions of refugees that are destroying the Western nations financially, socially and culturally. In her defiant speech before the Polish Parliament on Wednesday, Szydlo urged lawmakers to protect Poland and its children from the scourges of Islamist terrorism and cultural suicide:

“Where are you headed, Europe? Rise from your knees and from your lethargy, or you will be crying over your children every day.

If you cannot see that terrorism has the potential to hurt every country in Europe, and you think that Poland should not defend itself, you are going hand in hand with those who point this weapon against Europe, against all of us.

Do we want politicians who say we have to ‘get used to’ terrorist attacks?”

It didn’t take long for word to get back to the EU that the prime minister didn’t want to have to bury Polish women and children. The European Union has announced that it will place sanctions against Poland — hey just an idea, but why not put some sanctions against the countries producing terrorists?

Szydlo’s horrible act of defiance? She is refusing to take 6,200 refugees instead of the 5,000 agreed upon by her predecessor. Instead, Poland wants to contribute financial aid to refugee camps in the Middle East. Refusing to take her cue from other “weak willed” politicians, the prime minister announced she’ll take whatever they throw at her to protect her countrymen (and women). She has announced that Poland will not be “blackmailed” by the EU.

It’s unclear what the sanctions would be, but Szydlo said she’d prefer any sanction over taking in hordes of refugees, especially if they refuse to assimilate or pose a terrorist threat. “This needs to be said clearly and directly: This is an attack on Europe, on our culture, on our traditions,” she said.”

Exactly what many of us have been saying for years. Even candidate Donald Trump noted that the refugees might be better off in safe zones in their own countries. Interestingly though, these camps are few and far between in the Middle East. Everyone has seen the picture of the tent city in Saudi Arabia which could house thousands of refugees but houses actually NO ONE. Why is it that the very wealthy Middle Eastern countries have so little interest in helping their own civilians?

More importantly, why does the European Union feel free to slap sanctions on Poland instead of 1) the countries training and harboring terrorists and 2) those Middle Eastern countries who are refusing to take in ANY refugees?

Stand your ground, Madame Prime Minister. Right now, you’re the only one over there making any sense.