Lyin’ Ted Part 3

April 15, 2016

ELDER PATRIOT – Ted Cruz and his supporters are clinging to their hopes that he can win the nomination through a series of backroom deals that he has been conducting across the nation and then […]

The Hypocrisy of Our Abortion Law

April 15, 2016

ELDER PATRIOT – Hillary Clinton recently created a bit of a dust-up when she responded to an interviewer’s question about abortion by saying, “the unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights.”  Mrs. Clinton accidently stumbled over […]


April 14, 2016

ROMNEY WORDSWORTH  – The game is called “Kolejka”, which is Polish for “Queue”, and it is Poland’s hottest selling board game.  “Queue” is reminiscent of what people spent most of their lives under Communism doing:  […]

What In The World Is Going On?

April 14, 2016

ELDER PATRIOT – What’s behind Mark Zuckerberg’s attack on Donald Trump?   Zuckerberg is a New World Order advocate who believes he is smart enough to tell the rest of us how to live.  To […]


April 13, 2016

ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – It is Wednesday, April 13, 2016, and you know what that means:  It’s Trumpday.  Let’s get started. Colorado dominated headlines this week due to the decision by Colorado State Republican potentates back […]

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