ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – In the wake of their historic loss to Donald J. Tump in this year’s presidential election, the forces of the Left are turning to private corporations to “de-platform” Conservatives in anticipation of losing their hold on the levers of power in the United States Federal Government.  Who are the forces of the Left?  They are the DemocRat Party, the Clinton Crime Family, George Soros and his Evil Empire, the Silicon Valley Rulers of Social Media, the Dinosaur Media, the Socialist governments of Europe, Communist China, and the New World Order Globalist Banking Cartel.

The European Union has dropped the first Big Shoe, by ordering social media sites Google, Facebook, and Twitter to ban Alt Right Media News sites like, Breitbart News, World Net Daily, and others, perhaps even this site that you are reading right now.  Even left leaning newspapers in the U.K. have rightly labelled this as dangerous and unwarranted censorship.  The kind of censorship heretofore only practiced by hardline communist regimes like China and North Korea.  The American Press, of course, is perfectly fine with their competition, the upstart news outlets that are cleaning their clocks in the wake of the Dinosaurs destroying their own credibility, being banned and censored.

fake news

The Left always accuses the Right of what the Left is actually doing, and this is no exception.  It is the Dinosaur Media, the Palace Guard Presstitutes, who have been spewing out propaganda and fake news for years.  It’s been so bad that now only 7% of American consumers trust their newsroom product.

Here is a list of the real purveyors of fake news in America:

– The New York Times
– The Washington Post
– NBC News
– CBS News
– ABC News
– The Huffington Post
– Rolling Stone
– BBC News
– Sky News
– Financial Times
– Politico
– New York Daily News
– L.A. Times
– USA Today
– US News & World Report

– Gawker
– Newsweek
– Time
– Business Insider
– Daily Beast
– Yahoo News
– Daily Kos
– Young Turks
– Slate
– Raw Story
– New Yorker
– Buzzfeed
– MoveOn
– Think Progress
– Media Matters
– Wonkette
– Center for American Progress


The New York Times is at the top of this list because it is the New York Times that suppressed and lied about the horrors of Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union, and his genocide in Ukraine, in the 1930’s.  They have never apologized for this.

More recently, it was the New York Times (and others) that regurgitated the lies of the Obama Regime about the rebels in Syria being “moderates”, when they were really ISIS.

The Washington Post has been pedaling the DemocRat party lie that the Russians manipulated the election vote to steal the election from Hillary.  Jill Stein’s recount effort has put the lie to this myth, as Donald Trump has actually GAINED 70,000 votes in Wisconsin.  The Washington Post has also been repeating and pushing the DemocRat Party smear that the Alternative Media on the Internet is part of a White Nationalist Movement (the Left always tries to make everything about race).

It was CBS News that created Rathergate, where their marquee anchorman, Dan Rather, pedaled obviously forged documents on the eve of the 2000 election that George W. Bush had gone AWOL from the Air National Guard in his earlier career.  These documents were shown to be forgeries by the residents of the Internet in mere HOURS.

It was NBC News that created fake stories of General Motors exploding gas tanks in their pickup trucks, when in reality they had planted explosives to create the explosions.  It was NBC News marquee anchorman, Brian (Lying) Williams, who claimed to have been under fire covering the Iraq War, when the reality was it was a complete fabrication. 

It was NBC News that deceptively edited the audio tape of George Zimmerman calling into 911 in order to create racial division and black riots over the Trayvon Martin shooting.

It was CNN that continued to push the fake “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” narrative in Ferguson, Missouri, even after security and police camera footage had shown that this was a completely fraudulent story line.

CNN Fake

It was CNN whose reporters (Candy Crowley, Donna Brazille) collaborated with the Obama and Clinton campaigns to feed them all the debate questions ahead of time (this is known as CHEATING).

fake reporters

It was the Huffington Post that pedaled rigged polls showing that Hillary Clinton had a 98% chance of winning the election.

Huff Fake

It was Rolling Stone Magazine that published the completely fake charges of rape against the Duke University La Crosse Team.  Once again, it took the Internet and the Alternative Media only a couple of weeks to debunk the story.

Stay vigilant!  Sign petitions and make your voice heard against this Fascist Wave of corporate-government censorship against Free Speech.  Don’t let the Left steal your 1st Amendment Rights.