AWM| Over the years, religion has become a tough topic of discussion. With the various types of religions in society, these conversations often end up in arguments or an eerie silence. People just don’t feel as freely to discuss their religious preferences. Maybe because some religions have gotten a bad rap over the years or maybe because people feel uncomfortable discussing their personal views. The same goes with politics. While some tend to throw their beliefs in your face and try hard to sway your opinions, there are others that keep quiet on political discussions.

Now…imagine the combination of the two.

During an interview, President Trump was recently asked his thoughts on religion and he was surprisingly open about it. In the middle of being interviewed by David Brody, Brody changed the subject and said…

“Let me switch gears. You know, it wouldn’t be an interview between us if I didn’t ask a ‘God question,’ if you will. “How has that spiritual journey been for you? Especially being here and knowing the gravity of the office. Do you feel the need to pray more? Where are you on that?”

Without hesitation, Trump responded with the following…

“Well, I’ll tell you what,” Trump began. “I’ve always felt the need to pray. And you know that… So, I would say that the office is so powerful that you need God even more because your decisions are no longer, ‘Gee, I’m going to build a building in New York,’ or ‘I’m going to do this.’ These are questions of massive life and death, even with regard to health care. You know we’re working very hard on health care.”

“But there, you’re talking about life and death and you’re talking about better lives,” Trump goes on to say. “People living better because they have better health care at a lower price, which we’re working very hard on.”

“So yes, you realize these decisions are all so important—there’s almost not a decision that you make when you’re sitting in this position that isn’t a really life-altering decision. So God comes in even more so.”

Fans of Trump will be the first to point out the fact that while Barrack Obama was in office for two terms he continuously dodged questions about religion. Anti-Obama citizens also believe that he waged a full-blown war on Christianity while mollifying and catering to terrorists. A much different agenda than the one that Trump is known for.

Trump fans everywhere can appreciate his honesty in how he deals with religion and everything else for that matter. There isn’t much kept a secret when it comes to the views of Donald Trump and how he feels about certain topics.

This interview with Trump was quickly shared across social media, prefaced by comments that said the following…
“God is officially back in the White House friends. When are these morons going to get it this is America it was founded on Christianity we don’t expect some Islamic trash to understand that you don’t sell your children for Diaries you don’t molest little 8 year olds by selling them to a 40 50-year-old we don’t Stone someone to death on hearsay we don’t mutilate someone’s body because they was hungry and stowed a piece of bread Islam is a cult.”